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Web Page


A newspaper ad or your catalog on the internet


We can assist you with your first step to the internet.  A web page will alert internet savvy buyers to your presence.  You could further assist buyers with an on-line catalog of your products or services.  Typically buyers would then either call, e-mail, or fax you with their orders.

Mainframe Programming


More than 20 years experience programming IBM mainframe computers


With experience in COBOL, CICS, and DB2, and network technologies such as TCP/IP and LU6.2, George Young has worked with major companies programming their computer systems for over 20 years. Please click here for his complete resume.

PC Programming


Have a design in mind? We can make it a reality


With youngct's network of alliances, we can offer the best programming professionals to put your design into action on your PC or on the web.  We can help take your existing PC application or web site to the next level with our experience with tried and true internet techniques such as HTML and Java programming to the latest XML and wireless technologies.

Enterprise Integration

Attach your existing accounting and inventory computer systems to your e-commerce site for a truly hands off operation


Conquer one of the great challenges of the internet age by integrating your e-commerce site with your existing office automation systems.  Reduce paperwork and overhead by seamlessly joining all your computer operations.