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Not sure which PC is right for you? We can help.


Whether you are buying a mail order PC from Dell, Gateway or another company, or are buying locally from Staples, Best Buy, etc, we can help translate all the complicated terms that are thrown at you. If you are buying a PC for a child for school, or want one to run your entertainment center, we can assist in choosing the best machine in your price range, based on your needs. If all the wires and instructions are too much for you, we can set up your PC and have you surfing the net in no time - and you don't have to deal with someone in Bombay.



Do you have more than one person surfing the net in the house?


If you have more than one PC in your home or office, you may wish to connect them together. In the office, it certainly makes sense to connect your computers together so that many people can access data at the same time. In your house, you may have more than one person who wants to surf the net at the same time. A network can allow multiple people to access the net through a single connection. Wireless networking is making a small business or home network less expensive to install because there are no wires to string through the walls. Whether hardwired or wireless, we can help you assess your networking needs and set up the network which is right for you.

Troubleshooting & Support


PC isn't working? Call us. We're local, not half a world away.


Many PC problems are difficult to describe to the support desk over the phone. Other problems crop up because of difficulties with several company's products. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get any of the companies to help you fix the problem. youngct, llc is a local company (in southern Connecticut). We can come see for ourselves what ails your computer. We can resolve the conflicts caused by one too many wireless devices, digital cameras, or game controllers. If your computer is really fried, we can recommend companies to recover your valued data. We can also recommend the best way to avoid the worst kind of trouble - scheduled backups of your data.