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Learn the basics of surfing the net and using email


Never tried surfing the net? Are you confused by all the "stuff" on web pages? Do you find it difficult to find what you're looking for on the net? Does your family send you pictures via email which you can't see? This is the class for you. The class is individually tailored to your needs. Try one session, if you aren't surfing the web better and faster, there'll be no charge.

Microsoft Word


Learn to go beyond simply typing a letter with Word


This class will teach you the "shortcuts" in Word, saving you time. Again, the class is individually tailored to your needs from advanced formatting techniques, automating mailings, using tables to present your ideas better, to web page design, if you want.

Microsoft Excel


Learn how to use Excel to really crunch the numbers


Learn about formulas and functions to analyze your business or personal finances. Create charts to graphically represent your findings. Learn to work faster by using "shortcuts". Again this class is individually tailored so you choose the subjects which are most important to you.