YPO Africa 2005
Pictures (click selection below)
Videos to follow (soon, I hope)


Standard apologies: 1) The website is very rudimentary (but will probably work with most browsers). 2) There may well be some broken links (the Quality Assurance Department - me - was a bit pressed for time). Please email me, and I will attempt to fix. 3) The pictures are completely raw and un-manipulated (made it easier to get them out there quickly). 4) I have probably missed some pretty good ones (again, time). 5) I had to compress the pictures by 50% to fit on my site – please email me any photo names, and I’ll be happy to send the full-size pics (approx 2 - 5 MB). 6) A lot of really good stuff was at dusk or beyond and is only on video – I have instructed the production department (again, me) to produce the clips quickly (while at the same time continuing to work on income producing jobs – to pay for the trip…) - I’ll let you know when the site is updated…


THANKS to one and all!!! What a fantastic trip!!!

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