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Anti-Spyware Instructions
All Should Be Updated and Run Weekly

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Instructions for use Product site for download
A. SpyBot Search & Destroy 
B. SpyWare Blaster
C. AdAware

Spybot Search & Destroy - this can take a while to complete - 15 minutes to an hour...

1. DoubleClick on the Spybot Search & Destroy Icon

2. Check for updates

3. If it finds an update click the checkboxes by any updates ...

Click "Download Updates" at top to download checked entries

Wait while SpyBot downloads the update

When complete, there will be a checkmark by the downloaded update


Otherwise (No Updates Found) click OK

4. Click Immunize

If you have no additional possible products to Immunize, Click OK, and continue to Step 5

If there are additional products to be Immunized

Click Ok, then

Click the Upper Immunize button and wait while SpyBot immunizes the additional products

5. Click Search & Destroy

6. Click to check for problems - the program will then begin searching your hard drive (can take a while)

Wait while it searches... The numbers at the bottom will increment

If no Problems found - you may click the upper right hand X to end the Spybot program

7. Click to "Fix" any problems found

8. Click Yes to remove the checked entries

9. Click OK

10. Click the upper right hand X to end the Spybot program

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SpyWare Blaster - this program doesn't take long to complete - We're just checking for updates... This program puts up a "shield" to protect against spyware - it does not scan your files.

1. DoubleClick on the Spyware Blaster Icon

2. Click "Updates" Lower Left

3. Click "Check for Updates"

4. Click "Protection" Upper Left

5. Click "Enable All Protection" Lower Middle

6. Exit Spyware Blaster using the "X" in the upper right


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AdAware - This process can take 15 minutes to an hour to complete

1. DoubleClick the "AdAware" Icon

2. Click "Check for Updates Now"

3. Click "Connect"

4. If a new file is available click "Okay" to download - If no Updates found - go to Step 7

5. Wait while the file Downloads

6. Click "Finish"

7. Click "Scan Now" Left Middle

8. Click "Next"

9. Wait while AdAware scans your files - it lists the files being scanned

10. AdAware also gives you a running total of Adware found

10. If Adware was found click "Next" otherwise exit AdAware

11. RightClick on any of the Adware listed

12. Click "Select All Objects"

All Adware found should be selected

13. Click "Next"

14. Click "Okay"

Wait while AdAware "Cleans" the Adware found

15. Exit AdAware "X" in the upper right


You are done with the AntiSpyware Tasks!!!!!


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